Custom is creative. Custom is comfort. Custom is convenient. Custom is cool.

Let us help you comfortably find the convenience of your creativity and introduce the world to your brand of cool.

Natty Neckware has worked in the custom world since our inception. Designing and constructing custom pieces for our customers that they enjoy for that special event or moment and to have for years to come. Our custom process is designed with you (the customer) in mind. For more about the custom process live chat with us, hit us up on our contact page or email us here: .

Custom Conversions
It's an eco-friendly process. 

Our custom services come in several forms. This one is definitely one we’re proud of but haven’t really talked about much. The conscious custom customer is that customer that cares about their impact on the environment but also really digs style and fashion. Combine all of those with our conversion custom service. Turn that tired necktie into a beautiful bow. The process is pretty simple, want to hear about it, here you go:

  1. Gather those neckties grandpa give you that you rarely, if ever, wear.
  2. Mail them to us.
  3. We work our magic.
  4. We send them back to you.
  5. Now you have several new pieces you can show off and simultaneously still have a piece of grandpa.

    So be environmentally friendly and turn those neckties into bow ties that can be treasured for years to come. For more information about our custom conversion process, live chat with us, hit us up on our contact page or email us at: .