About Us

The story of Natty Neckware follows a well-worn startup narrative. The passion project of Marcus Hawley, Natty was officially born in January 2011 out of Marcus' desire for more diverse, stylish and sustainably crafted neckwear accessories. Wanting something classic, stylish, bold and-above all else- original, Marcus knew he was going to have to create them himself. Inspired by his mother, Marcus quickly made some samples and got started creating his vision. 
From the start, Natty's mission has been to remain true to classic pieces that make a statement. Natty is for the individual, building on the timeless styles of the past with an eye towards the designs of the future. 

What’s in the name?

The creation of the our name was actually pretty simple. Wanting something off the beaten path that evoked our unique brand of classic style with a modern twist, we chose a word that landed in the mind with the same style as our ties: Natty - neatly or trimly smart in dress or appearance. Why did we purposefully misspell "neckwear?" Because Natty isn't just neckwear; its an expression of your individual style and creativity you wear on your chest.

Be bold, be original, be proud of who you are. But above all else, be Natty.

Mission Statement

Natty Neckware is about personal style, design, creativity and innovation. It is our mission to bring handmade craftsmanship and design back the the U.S. While our products are manufactured here in the United States we are inspired by the world when it comes to design and fabrics.